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We are your property management service for Bielefeld and across Germany. kfh offers a professional service for private and institutional property owners who seek support with property management. You can find an overview of our services as a property management company below. We would be happy to help you with the valuation and utilisation of your real estate from our offices in Bielefeld, Berlin (Hennigsdorf), Leipzig and Osnabrück (Melle). In addition, we offer services across Germany for residential and commercial real estate on request.

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Your expert partner – kfh Immobilien Management GmbH

Property management is, first and foremost, a matter of trust. This is our firm belief. As a private or institutional property owner, when you entrust an experienced property management company in Bielefeld with some of your responsibilities, you rightly expect professional services that go beyond accurate accounts, satisfied owners and tenants, good reviews on the website and a well-maintained property: you should be able to rely on your property management service provider 100 percent. It was for exactly this purpose that kfh Immobilien Management GmbH entered the market in Bielefeld, Berlin and Osnabrück in 2001, and it is in this exact field that we can boast diverse and extensive expertise. As a company, we have a wealth of broad, in-depth knowledge to draw on, directly on site in localities such as Bielefeld. As a result, we are able to provide location-specific support.

A keen sense for your needs – your property management company in Bielefeld

Our founder and managing director Karl-Friedrich Hensiek himself once faced the challenge of finding a suitable service provider to manage his residential real estate and properties in Bielefeld and further afield. He was unable to find anyone who could meet his high standards. Instead of becoming a customer of a sub-par property management company, he took it upon himself to develop his vision into a professional property management service. His success as a real estate broker and provider for the utilisation and management of residential real estate proved him right and his property management company inevitably developed into a competitive service provider. What drives us, above all, is a profound understanding of your needs as a private or institutional property owner when it comes to property management. Our many years of experience in the rental, management and valuation of real-estate in the greater Bielefeld area provides a firm foundation for this.

Property management for institutional owners

Professional property management in Bielefeld, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Cologne, Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Bremen and Hanover. Furthermore, you can expect us to provide well-founded suggestions for optimising operating costs in order to sustainably improve your yield. Further information is available on our website. If renovation work or building projects are recommended, we will of course arrange for these to be carried out and ensure their completion to a high standard. For us, property management also includes conducting professional property valuations with our partners – not only in Bielefeld but across Germany. Based on our professional licencing, we take our own high standards as a yardstick for our work as a property management service in central Germany – guaranteeing quality across our whole range of services. Many years of experience in real estate management also ensures in-depth industry expertise.

Property management for private owners

A residential property or other real estate needs to be utilized or managed – we take some of the responsibility off your shoulders with our local property management service. Hv Immobilien, managed by Hartwig Vogel, will be happy to advice you by telephone, fax or email. You can also find useful information on the Hv Immobilien website. Every one of our qualified employees, who is licenced as a property manager, is committed to our values. In management, we see ourselves as a neutral entity that never loses sight of the owners’ shared objective, namely the long-term preservation of the property’s value. Accordingly, our services also include individual ownership management and rent administration. As an expert point of contact for your tenants in Bielefeld, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Cologne, Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Bremen and Hanover, we cover the whole cycle from letting and administration to renovations when tenants move out. We aim to fulfil every requirement of property management. And unlike most property management companies, we go the extra mile: as a modern property management company, we also see it as our responsibility to offer you well-founded advice on optimising your costs, such as calculation of maintenance costs and other optimisations, while offering a comprehensive renovation service, if you so desire. We always follow the location-based fee regulations for property management companies. In case of any questions, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call. Being a property manager for private owners means professionalism – you can count on us and our expertise in NRW, Berlin, Saxony, Thuringia, Bremen and Lower Saxony. That is what we stand for, to get you the best results every time.